Sunday, February 24, 2008

Luke's new hair

And I know many of you haven't seen him in awhile.. so I thought I would update you on his appearance..
He decided to try growing out his hair (even past the point that it was at when we started dating - and he washes it now)
but we're trying to figure out if it's a keeper, or if it's time for a cut..
we're open to your suggestions.
Thanks for your help!

Glorious Photo Booth

With a new Macbook comes PhotoBooth... Additionally, with a slow slow job comes lots of nonsensical pictures.

Here are a few of the ones that make Luke proud to call me his own..
Botched face lift?

SpongeBob square wife


After a couple kids?

We said FOOEY on this 2 become 1 thing.. we live by the 2 become 4 theory

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Unbelievably Amusing Amusement

I can't claim any of the criticism that this post might receive from people offended by this link.

I CAN, however, claim that it is gloriously funny and entertaining.

I can't condone mockery of other countries and their people.

I CAN, however, condone the mockery of ALL countries and their people (including the US) because if it's EQUAL mockery, its totally fair.. and totally funny..

Oh Small Talk, You Are So Silly...

When It Rains It Pours...

That statement has summed up our life the past couple of days...

Luke has been sick for a number of weeks now, he kept telling me that it was seasonal allergies, but then I got sick.. and I called him a liar.
Luke is STILL sick. and getting worse. He has gotten to the point numerous times in the past couple of days where you can barely breath. He is coughing fluid up from his lungs, and due to the trouble breathing, is having trouble sleeping.
Trouble sleeping is no good when you share a bed, and trouble sleeping for one means trouble sleeping for the other.
Not to mention the fact that "barely breathing" is a loud wheezy experience.. quite annoying to listen to, probably more annoying to experience first-hand.
So we've been trying to figure out his really confusing health insurance and find him a doctor.
In the midst of this, I found one of Luke's razor blades chewed up on the floor - all 5 blades MIA.
At first I wasn't concerned, because I found them in the possession of Bailey, who chews things, but doesn't swallow things.
I drove to work, and then starting considering the possibility that Bentley had been the original culprit, and Bailey merely found the already chewed up casing... this posed a problem, because Bentley swallows everything.
I made a quick call to the vet who instructed me to bring him in ASAP.
I had the work phones transferred to my cell phone and set off to take the dogs in to the vet.
about an hour (and $150) later, I get a call that they DID indeed find 2 of the blades in Bentley's intestines.
I did a thorough search of our carpet and found the other 3 blades (good news for the soles of our feet)
I was instructed to watch him closely throughout the rest of the day, and alter his diet to "enhance" his bowel movements (gross I know)
and he has to go back into the vet on Wednesday for a follow up xray (goodbye additional $70)
So THEN I get a call from Luke around 4:00 informing me that his mom is in the Emergency Room having pain in her chest.
He gets home to pick me up so we can go to the hospital, we go down the stairs (in the dark now) and step into a pool of liquid at the base of our stairs...
Apparently Bentley is in too much pain to go potty outside.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day

In my opinion: Valentines Day is a stupid holiday.
I didn't like it when I was single, and I don't like it now that I'm married. Obligatory romance just seems silly to me. Plus, the poor guys can't win either way. If they do something sweet and romantic for their "significant other" than some of the sweetness is lost because they "had" to do something since it was Valentines Day. But if they do nothing, then they are big old jerks.
I feel like it's an unfair holiday for men. One of those holidays that sets them up to fail. Also, if you try and go out to dinner you pay WAY more than you normally would because the restaurants jack up their prices, and you have to deal with hefty crowds.
In conclusion, I don't like Valentines Day.
So when Luke asked me what I wanted to do for Valentines Day, and I told him "nothing", and he wouldn't take "nothing" for an answer, we compromised.

We started out at Dilusso downtown

Luke got us coffee, and then we set off on a walk downtown. It has been a long time since I walked downtown, I work in the Old Mill District, so I have driven through downtown a ton, but there are a lot of new little shops and restaurants that you miss when you're driving, so it was nice to get to see all of it.

Then we walked down to Drake Park. I took this picture of Luke in the little courtyard before you get the park, then I looked at the picture and announced to him that he looked homeless..... only to discover that there was an actual homeless man sitting behind me... awkward... I promptly placed my foot in my mouth and we set off.

This was the bench that we sat at, and decided to take pictures on... oh man, what a joke.

The following pictures, are just a few of our attempts, turns out... Dogs don't cooperate for pictures, and setting a self-timer in the dark without anything to set the camera on doesn't work.

Done with our Valentines Day walk.. making a pit stop at Wild Oats for some groceries.

This clock says 6:57 (I realize it's blurry) it was taken on our way out of downtown. But I wanted to prove to the masses that we could stay out after 7:00...
it was almost EIGHT OCLOCK by the time we got home!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pre-Valentines Day in Review:

I'll start with a tribute to my new computer which is making this post possible. I love it!

Luke has class on Wednesdays, so I got home from work, saddled up the puppies and went off on an adventure.
There is actually an indescribably vast number of reasons why it is gloriously amazing that our builder stopped making money and therefore stopped building houses. To list a few:
1. We still have full mountain views
2. We have no neighbors directly by us
3. We have a full empty lot across the street from us
4. We have 3 empty driveways to park cars in (in case we decide to go out and buy 6 cars)
And finally, the one that had the most importance on our little adventure:
#5. There are 2 streets and 2 cul-de-sacs which no one lives on... which means that basically no one drives on them.. which means they're perfect for puppy excursions.

I took the dogs to one of the empty cul-de-sacs and let them off their leashes. I also took their tennis ball flinger (in case that isn't self-explanatory.. it flings the tennis ball really far... farther than I could ever throw it.. because Bailey mocks my pitiful little throws) and let them run until their little hearts couldn't take it anymore. (Bentley is a beefy little fella.. so he tires much quicker, and after basically doing nothing..)

Well turns out.. this makes puppies tired.. Here is a rundown of the rest of the nights events:

This is where the dogs crawled under the blanket I had over me and slept on one another.

Luke thought this was really cute.

Cute enough to take lots of pictures of..

This is the front end... to the left of my legs..

This is the butt end.. sticking out the right side of my legs... (notice that Bailey is wrapped up in not one, but TWO different blankets)

I got up to take their picture.. Bailey slept right through...

...She opened her eyes... but was too tired to care...

... Bentley, on the other hand, can't sleep unless some part of him is touching either Luke or I, so while I was kneeling to take Bailey's picture, he squeezed up to my legs and fell asleep against me.

He is MILDLY ashamed to be such a mommas boy..

Bailey didn't even get up to explore Luke's dinner (of Triscuits and bacon).. apparently this is what he considers dinner when I don't cook for him...
oh man.

Friday, February 08, 2008

In Response to Joann and Cassie

here are my mental images of WEEK and YEAR:

I have actually decided since the time that I posted this that I, in fact, visualize the week more like Joann was referring to with the five work days in a straight line and the weekend on top of them.. but I visualize them in the direction of the half circle I drew.. just flatten it out

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


We finally got married (for real this time)
It looked a little different this time.. I didn't even wear mascara for this ceremony..
and the pictures are wonderful.. just you wait and see...