Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is some funny stuff (I have to give credit where credit is due.. I got it from Nicolette)


For my 23rd birthday (Wednesday) I got off work at 3:30 and went next door to Fireside Red for Happy Hour with Gina and Nicolette. (I don't have any pictures of this excursion) then I went over to Ernestos for dinner with my parents and Luke's parents. After that Nicolette and I went back to Fireside Red and met up with 2.5 of my coworkers (one of them works for a company that's affiliated with us.. long story.. anyway..) all-in-all it was a fun day. here are a few pictures.

My birthday flowers (I actually got these the day before my birthday -there's 23 of them- and my favorite dinner waiting for me in the fridge, meticulously thought-out just how I like it) I have a great husband!

At Ernestos...

For some reason I couldn't get a picture of Luke where he WASN'T yawning..

Larry and Leanna Bryan

My mom trying to figure out the bill (she struggles with numbers..) and Nicolette pretending like she doesn't know she's in the shot..

Turns out.. Nicolette is like taking a 5 year old to dinner.. she made her spoon into a spikey-haired man..

Oh man, she'd kill me if she saw this picture..

We're so cute................. or something...........

Don't be fooled.. those are our actual smiles..

mmm.. Tiramisu..

It was a great birthday.. 23 is not really a cool number.. it's not even divisible by anything.. so I suppose that KINDA makes it cool.. it's a "Prime Number Birthday".. I don't think that counts for much though..

Monday, March 24, 2008

A little update..

We haven't actually taken any pictures since we last posted (which is why we haven't posted)
because who likes a blog with no pictures?
But I'm going to Corvallis next weekend, so maybe I'll take my camera.
My sister was offered the job as Assistant Coach for the OSU women's golf team (ironic that our whole family are Duck fans, but I graduated from OSU and my sister is now employed by them)
so my mom and I are headed up this weekend to help her look for apartments and buy furniture (because turns out, living out of your car on Tour for a year and half doesn't allow you to own any furniture)
She's stoked to be a little closer to home, and the timing really is perfect for her to be closer to us.
Crazy how God always knows what He's doing ;-)
OSU Women's Golf Team

Also, regarding my sister.. (if you know nothing about golf, or CARE nothing about golf you can disregard this next part) she also won her first professional tournament down in Pheonix, AZ.. with scores of ... (drum roll please..) 68, 62, 69 ... Par was 71.. again if you don't know anything about golf, this won't be anything spectacular to you.. but they're incredible scores (or "ridiculous" as I stated it to her) and the 62 actually beat the Course Record, so her name is hanging on the wall at that golf course somewhere.
The Cactus Tour-Event #8

So.. I promise pictures someday.

Oh, and Luke got his birthday present early (if he hasn't already told you, because he's REAL pumped about it..and I do realize it's a little silly to buy his birthday present when mine is the one that is 2 days away..) but it was an Imac G5 that I found for a killer deal.. but I wanted to take this time to apologize to Phil.. because I beat him to it.. and even the sob-story about his laptop getting stolen couldn't convince me not to buy it.. MUHAHA (oh man.. that was not a very sincere apology was it..)