Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Ode to You and Your Birthday

you already heard all of my fabulous birthday songs. Some that I made up, some that I borrowed, some that I altered, all that were "sung" in love.. :-)
so now you are 25 years old.. you have hit the peak of your 20s and are slowly rolling downhill to 30..................................... 30!
I'm glad you got your first grey hair, it makes you seem so grown up
and I'm glad that it's in one of your side burns because that means one less red hair.. because we know how we feel about those.
You're 25 now, but you got your present back in March, so you have very little to look forward to.
So basically it's just another day that I love you.

(I realize this isn't in poem format.. but in my mind it is very poetic.. so that makes it an "ode".. OK?!?)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For the Record

Sassy one.. who shall remain nameless (*cough* Elisa Earwicker *uncough*) those pictures were actually taken on my blackberry (yes the very same one that you said WOULDN'T take good pictures).. I haven't uploaded the ones you took yet...

and.. for the rest of you SASSES (not to be confused with the similar word that is short one "S") I will update soon, life has been busy.. and we rarely take pictures...

The story with those kayaking pictures is that the guys decided to have a boys day kayaking the river. We mostly sat and laughed as they "raced" down to Red Robin and back... and by "and back" I mean they called us when they got there and had gotten out of the river and ordered food.. they wanted us to drive down and meet them.. seeing as none of them had their wallets on them.

Ridiculous really.