Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wedding Pictures

Pictures from the Wedding.. they're not in any particular order because that would require a lot more time from me... and I frankly don't care about the order.
we have LOTS more pictures.. but.. i got bored.. so here is some...

Casey and Luke

Seth is... secure in his manhood...

The boys..

Brodie and Shelbi Blok

Parker Blok.. not a big fan of his tux.. maybe clothes in general..

Keri Ann.. speeching it up

Scott Gentry.. also speeching it up

Greg Kooistra, MC, quite good I might add

The girls

Nicolette and Andy

Best Man and Maid of Honor, Seth and Kailin

Parker and Emma

Yep.. enough said...

Mother and Father of the groom

Ew sick. we don't kiss. this was staged for the picture

Luke with his parents

Casey and Stephenie

Dancing madness...

It looks really crowded.. did it FEEL that crowded??

WEENA!!! or TURD!!!! or WEEN... whichever you prefer

My only tall bridesmaid... gorgeous too (but she's not the only gorgeous one)

She's praying.. she wasn't THAT emotional

Miss Keri Ann

My sister.. Kaka Cacita

more dance madness

Deb Gentry (mama Deb) praying for us

Shelbi Blok

Just getting ready..

Now THAT table was crowded

Funny speeches

He's a hottie

Hey that's my foot.. how did my foot get on here?

Us with the boys

all the attendants

Classic jumping shot

Ew, kissing again.

I think that this picture was already on here.. but i don't remember

We just got married.. stepping on to the deck.....

...and the deck was really hot and burned my feet

I love my mom (her comment on the last post made me cry)

I love my dad too (he made me cry a WHOLE lot that day)


I swear this picture was already on here too....

Me and my Pooternelly (Nicolette)

Seth and Luke