Monday, January 28, 2008


Second new post in 1 day.. some might say that makes me AWESOME.. I tend to agree.

this is a whole lot of pictures... so be prepared.. and they're all out of order.. sorry..
my parents were chosen to compete in a Mexican Hat Dance competition... they won a bottle of tequila (I have a video I'll post later)

my sister and I in the hotel room

Just me in the hotel room.. haha

Luke and I.. sick of my the camera..

Mazatlan airport waiting for our flight

My mom and sister

Cab ride.. being cool apparently

Some of the crew.. but not even close to all of it

It was a little cold this day.. but somehow its the day that i got burnt

Family pictures

At Ponchos for lunch.. girls afternoon out while the boys were hunting..

Virgin Chiquita Banana.. MAN that's good stuff!

Haha.. hunting buddies??

Oops.. apparently I forgot to rotate this one..

More Mexican Hat Dancing

At La Casa Country for dinner

Muoy Frio

Angie, Me & Amy

Snowy Dog Park Day

The 6 or so inches of snow that we got on Sunday was a dog's dream come true. So we decided to take them out to Big Sky where they could run around off their leashes.
This is what our backyard looked like.. that's a lot of snow for one day.



She looks like a retriever.. but don't be fooled... (the stories later in the post will reveal the truth)

This video really isn't that exciting.. they never do the funny things when the camera is on...

On our way to Big Sky...

Bundled up.. it was freaking cold!

Our Golden "Retrievers" apparently missed the part about being "retrievers"... they would chase after the ball or frisbee.. dig it out.. throw it around.. and then proudly jog back to us with nothing in their mouths...

So our evening pretty much consisted of throwing the ball or frisbee.. watching them play with it.. then retrieving it ourselves.. then repeating the whole process.
I think this makes us Human Retrievers (and/or Suckers)

Turns out... tennis balls get lost in 6 inches of snow... This was not a good plan. The only redeeming aspect to the tennis ball experience is that Bailey is smarter than we give her credit for, and she could find the tennis ball buried in snow even when she didn't see where it was thrown (a nice trait to save us the $0.50 to buy a new tennis ball).
Moral of the story.. Don't throw tennis balls in the snow, and make sure your dogs understand the meaning of "retrieve" before you venture into the snowy unknown.