Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cunningham/Rucker Wedding

We went up to West Linn (the wedding was actually at the Aurora Airport) to Kimi Cunningham and Casey Rucker's wedding.
Here are some pictures:

Maid of Honor
The Bride and Groom

Friday, August 10, 2007

Honeymoon Pictures (finally)

Well.. it took a long time to get them up here but here are some of the pictures from our honeymoon in Mazatlan.
The digital camera I bought before the wedding is seriously stupid, and it makes everything really really bright, so a lot of times it looks like we don't have noses and stuff... I did the best I could in Picasa, but somethings just aren't fixable..
you can get the idea anyway..

La Casa Country (country western restaurant.. it was great, we went twice)

Last night.. at the Citrus Ocean.. this restaurant was INCREDIBLE, if you ever go to Mazatlan you have to go.

Citrus Ocean still

Taking picture on our last day (trying to fill the time between when we had to check out and when the shuttle came to take us to the airport)

On the shuttle bus (most of our pictures are)

Morning devotions

Morning devotions

At Angelos (Italian restaurant)

Outside of the Marinera restaurant

Luke on the beach

At the restaurant Ponchos on the beach by the Golden Zone

Crazy taxi driver = scary ride

At the water park Mazagua (we were the only americans.. and nothing was in English.. and the REALLY big water slides were really sketchy.. I thought we were going to die.. wouldn't recommend visiting Mazagua)

This is the last day also (sorry they aren't in order)

Also on the last day, our faces aren't as goofy as the last one.. but its so bright you can hardly see it (maybe that's the ticket.. if you can't SEE our faces.. then we can't make stupid ones)

On the airplane on the way back :-( sad.. but we did get upgrades to first class (we still don't know how, so if you are the one that upgraded us.. THANK YOU)

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Ok, I don't know why it wouldn't let me add anything but those videos to that last post...
but here's the explanation of them:
1. the first video is of Bailey doing a somersault (which she actually does a lot.. I don't know why.. or what's wrong with her.. but she thinks it's fun)
2. the second video is of her carrying around her "Lobby" which is a Lobster chew toy.. it's the same size as she is.. but she's up to the challenge..

Also, here's some pictures..

This is Bailey sleeping last night (yeah, we're softies.. she sleeps with us..) Luke keeps saying "Kristin I feel like something has come between us lately" I don't think it's that funny.. but.. i did tell him "Just wait until she's full grown and weighs like 90 lbs and still sleeps between us".. hehe

But how could you say "no" to that face?
That's our girl
This is the artistic Sepia one

Ah, which toy to chose? You notice the top is off of her crate.. she REFUSES to be in there.. so we're getting her used to it before it's a prison...

Mid-day Ciesta
There's a lobster attacking my puppy!! (it seemed really funny and clever when I had just spent an hour with no human contact...)

Oh good, she freed herself from the grips of "Lobby"

And then showed him who's boss.. that's right.. take THAT Lobby!

New pictures and videos

Miss Bailey

This picture was taken the day before we got her. She is cuter now (and not wearing a stupid blue collar... she's a girl, so she has a pink and brown polka dotted collar now.. that is way too big for her actually)
Anyway, we've had a lot going on, so I keep forgetting to get my camera cord out before I come to work to upload some of the pictures that we have taken of her in her new home.

But here's the update:
-Bailey went potty for the first time yesterday (big achievement) and has gone like 8 times since.. now, I don't mean that she went potty OUTSIDE for the first time.. she just hadn't gone at ALL since we got her.. there was way too many new things to discover, not enough time to stop and relieve herself.

-Her personality really started to come out yesterday... my mom took her out to their house to play with the "big dogs" and she sassed to her little hearts content (we wouldn't have it any other way, naturally). She would bare her teeth, and bark and bark and bark at the other dogs (mostly Hank) she's a sassy little thing, and we're PROUD of her. :-)

-She finally got interested in chew toys (and chewing on things that AREN'T toys)

-She learned the joys of retrieving (oddly enough, it took longer than expected for a Golden RETRIEVER) she now proudly pounces down the little chew ball, and then pounces ON the chew ball. We think it's pretty much the cutest thing in the world to watch..

-Bailey is an experienced "walker" she has been on at least 3 walks a day every day so far.. she gets tired fast, but she loves experiencing all of the construction noise, and joyfully greeting all of the construction workers who she THINKS should naturally be her friends.

-She ran herself ragged yesterday trying to keep up with the big dogs (who my mom refers to as her "cousins" which is quite silly since they would actually be her uncles.. but.. it's a little creepy to assign the dogs human titles anyway.. plus that makes her my parents' grandpuppy.. and that's just funny)

-Because of that exhausting play time.. she slept completely through the night last night (GLORY) she went to sleep at 9:00, Luke and I watched an episode of Lost and went to sleep around 10:30 (we were in bed though, because she would have never gone to sleep without us) and she didn't get up until 4:00 when I got up to go to the bathroom. She felt me get out of bed, and was overjoyed that she got to get up and play.. Luke took her directly outside, she walked out the door, made it about 3 feet, peed on the sidewalk, and RAN back inside and up the stairs (or 3/4 of the way, stopped to catch her breath THEN continued up the stairs) was placed back on the bed, tormented me until she was thoroughly convinced that I wasn't going to get up and play with her.. then settled back in and slept until 6:45 when Luke got up and took her downstairs for breakfast.

-And now she's out in my car sleeping soundly, until around 11:00 when I'll take her home for her lunch and another walk. Until then, she barks at everyone that gets close to her.. hoping they'll come pay attention to her.. she really loves attention!

We love her a whole bunch, and included one additional picture of her at her old home with her brothers and sisters.. she's the one on the far right (same blue collar).. she's waving at you (or begging to be released.. one of the two...)
and these are her parents.. the light one is her mom.. the dark one is her dad...
oh.. and this is just funny.. the following picture is of one of her brothers, who they endearingly nicknamed Chubs.. is it any question why???
Actually, we chose Bailey because she was the only one in the litter that WASN'T a tub-o. (because Hank had enough puppy fat for any one family...)
That's all for now..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Addition to the Family...

... No, I'm not pregnant.. but we DID get a puppy!!! And we love her as if we had conceived her ourselves (although, that would be a sick, scary thing)
Her name is Bailey.. she's a golden retriever.. she's 8 weeks old..and she is incredibly needy.
We caved, and let her sleep in bed with us.. sadly, I think that might have ruined our chances of ever having the bed to ourselves again.. she HOWLS when we even walk out of her sight.. and she HATES being in her kennel.
She figured out how to climb over the child-gate we put up to keep her in the bathroom that has been transformed into her own bedroom (she puts her front paws up on it, and then shimmies her way up with her back legs.. until she reaches the top, and then lets herself fall over the side).. So this poses a problem... I ordered a large crate that is made for a large dog, so she'll have room to move in it, and it has a top, (for those rotten climbing dogs) so we'll probably set that up for her, and move her out of the bathroom. For now, I have to close the door to the bathroom, which is both sad, because she's shut off from the world, and REALLY hard on our door, seeing as she throws a fit and jumps and scratches it...
We were up pretty much every half hour last night to let her out to go potty (which she never did).. so we're a little sleep deprived.. but she's WELL worth it.
We'll post pictures later.. because we already have quite a few ;-)
stop by and see her if you want!