Monday, December 31, 2007

picture that didn't post before..

I got a lot of angry (outraged even) comments about the fact that the picture didn't load on my previous post...
here was the picture that went with "Crazy College Kids and Their Dorm Doors"
It looks like the door is open, but it's not.. this is the outside of their closed dorm door... Proof positive that college kids have way too much time on their hands (I can attest) and that some of quite creative.. ingenious really.

Our new bed

This is the new bed that we just bought from Randall and Thomas Furniture. We went there because I was so impressed with their marketing philosophy (kind of a nerdy reason, I know.. but stuff like that catches your interest when you have to research marketing techniques) and they're great. we highly recommend them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Awesome dorm room door

The door is actually closed. Awesome effect. really funny. clever boys.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Home Improvements

We got a little bit bored with our house already.
There was a whole lot of brushed nickel, and we really like the oil-rubbed bronze look better.
So we changed it!
well.. we changed the downstairs anyway.. baby steps.
Here are a few pictures. (and maybe a few of the dogs thrown in)

New Faucet

New Faucet closer

New cabinet hardware

New mushroom light (also known by other names that I won't repeat)

New chandelier and chandelier shades

Picture I took by accident while I was walking, but it shows the chandelier

Bentley (dog's eyes get creepy when the flash goes off)


The new addition to our family.. ROBO.. he's our robot.. he vacuums our house.. and for that, he is my FAVORITE member of the family :-D

We also put solar lights in the backyard... but they're hard to show through pictures.. this gives you an idea. haha

I also found a new chew toy for the dogs the other day that I thought seemed fitting in our house. I like the hamburger.. Luke likes the guitar. We also had a hotdog, but it got ripped from the bun... and we decided it needed be thrown away to keep our home Holy and decent. :-D

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sin City

I'm not very good about getting my camera out, so I don't have that many pictures, and I don't actually have ANY pictures of the wedding (the reason that we went to Vegas) but I DO have lots of stories.. let me tell you.. first Mormon wedding.

Joe's crab shack

Kailin in the hotel. Hot huh? :-)

My $5.99 sunglasses.

Kailin and Josephine.. she's from Germany

This is us with 6 people and 7 people's luggage all packed into the KIA because someone got trashed and never made it back to the hotel room with the other car... let me tell you how much we all liked said person at this moment.

JR Booth with the crazy visor-wig on. This is one funny man.

Checking in at Circus Circus (always a long process.. but worth it for $35 rooms and $3 blackjack minimums)

Riviera Comedy Club

Still at the Riviera Comedy Club

Craig and Josephine... oh wait.. is that said person??? I think it IS!

Kailin and I at the Riviera Comedy Club
It was a great show. Complete with someone in the audience getting arrested right behind us... lucky for us because he was a big dude, and smelled really bad, so it made the show more enjoyable... and leave it up to comedians to make it really funny!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home Improvements/Maupin/Thanksgiving/Las Vegas

Here is what is coming up:
we leave tonight right after work to go to Maupin for Thanksgiving.
Then on Friday, Luke will bring Nicolette back to Bend, while I drive to Portland to depart for Las Vegas...
I'll be there from Friday until Monday for a wedding (and naturally, some blackjack)
we have been doing a little home improvements.
We finally painted the guest bedroom, and got to decorating it (so it's ready for anyone that needs/wants to come stay.... until it turns into a nursery...)
we re-hardwared the kitchen cabinets in oil-rubbed tuscan bronze, and installed a new kitchen faucet in the same oil-rubbed bronze, got a few new lighting fixtures in matching fashion, and just recently put up a new dining chandelier that matches. The chandelier shades should be delivered today, so we'll put up pictures as soon as we get that finished.
So expect a lot of pictures to come later.

what else is new... um.. Bailey got fixed, and got her stitches out.. so she's a big girl now.. but a big girl that will never procreate (and never go into heat PRAISE THE LORD)
Bentley should be getting fixed within a month or two... we'll wait until after his last shots.. and we don't have to worry about him going into heat (PRAISE THE LORD) so there isn't as big of a rush.

They're getting big... not really babies anymore (Bentley still kind of is...) so I think we need real babies now...
Luke doesn't agree.
I'm working on him.

... updates later...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's a boy!!! (pictures)

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Monday, October 01, 2007

It's a boy!!!

shameless ploy to get those of you that ignore my lovingly sent emails about my blog.

It IS in fact a boy.. but he's canine.

We got a new puppy!!

Pictures to follow

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Coast

We drove down to Waldport, OR last weekend to celebrate my grandma's birthday with all of my mom's brothers (there's 4 of them) and all the cousins.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bailey Update

She's getting so big, so fast.

Here is a before-and-after. her size when we first got her.. and now..

And these are all just "nows"...

Honeymoon (Location mostly)

This post is mostly for Corey Parnell who apparently wasn't impressed with all of our self-portraits from our honeymoon..
This is where we stayed. (These are taken from Luke's camera.. and it leaves a lot to be desired.. but you get the gist)