Monday, May 11, 2009

3D Ultrasound pictures

We went and had a 3D/4D ultrasound done yesterday while we were in Las Vegas - and this just served to prove what we already knew to expect - our little girl is sassy. We spent a REALLY long time watching her suck on her feet (yes her feet) and her hands... and a whole lot of time watching her cover her face with all 4 of her appendages. Basically, she knew we wanted to see her, so she made it difficult, I'm pretty sure of it. But what we DID get to see of her was cute (if I do say so myself... but I may be a little biased) The ultrasound tech could not get over how big her feet were, how long her legs were, and how stinkin' long her fingers were (maybe she will break the curse of fat little flintstone fingers in our family) she seriously commented on them probably 50 times.
Fair warning - there are a million pictures (only 42 actually, but that may as well be a million) and a lot of them (and I do mean a lot) aren't good - but who has time to organize and go through pictures these days... i decided to just put the whole lot up here, and let you chose which ones to look at.

Oh also, the large elfish looking ear that you will see on her right side (the left side looking at the pictures) is actually her fist - (trust me, I was worried myself) - but i was assured (a few times) that she just had her arm up (again) and that it wasn't an abnormally large terrible ear.
All in all - it was a lot of fun, even though we didn't get many good pictures. It was fun to WATCH her kick as I felt and.. and to have proof that she spazzes out constantly (the tech even commented on how busy she is constantly compared to most, she slept for about 2 minutes of the appointment) It was just fun to have a little glimpse into her world, and see her do all of the things that I feel all of the time. bottom line.. 3 months is a long time to still wait for her!
We have a DVD too, but I can't find a free program to convert it to AVI - so I'm not sure I'm going to be able to post any of the video.... we shall see...

This is her heartbeat, not that exciting

alien?? no, her turning her back on us so we couldn't see her face... look at all those ribs..

this is kind of like one of those trick pictures.. where you have to stare at it really hard to figure out what you're looking at.. it's actually her face, on it's side... cuddling with the placenta (the other way she didn't cooperate, she was constantly cuddling with something so we couldn't get a full shot)

Just a fist... not a large ear...

Both arms tucked behind her head.. those are her elbows sticking out either side

Sucking her thumb..

again.. just a fist.. not a large elf ear...

See both those hands on either side of her face and elbows out in front?? (I do this when I have a headache.. but my mom and I are believing that she won't get migraines like the rest of us.. so I think she was just showing us how annoyed she was with us)

Hand in front of the face... toes up touching her hand... talent really..

If I remember correctly, these are either both of her feet or both of her hands crossed together

Sucking her thumb.. are they supposed to start that this early?

We needed confirmation (now that the nursery is almost done, and we have a ton of girl clothes) that we were indeed having a girl.. i was terrified that she was going to find a little pee pee.. but this is the really obvious between the leg shot.

Sucking on both hands at once.. how about that?!

I'm number 1?? or is she scolding us?? or is she simply trying to figure out how to get it back into her mouth??

In case you can't tell what this is... her head (half of it anyway) is to the right.. and then she is all curled up in a little ball. that left hump is her little butt and the right one is her shoulders, arms and legs tucked under.


nicolettebw said...

I love all of them! especially the ones where she's cuddling all kinds of things. Just like her mom! and her hippie aunt nicolette